Cromer’s Banksy

“Who is he? Who is he?” I removed my earphones just in time to realise my nan was talking to me, not recreating, albeit wrongly, a classic Big Brother moment. “Who is who?”  “This Banksy. Who is he?”  “An artist. Nobody knows who he is though.” “Someone must know who he is. Where does he … Continue reading Cromer’s Banksy

Traffic Light Travel

When did traffic lights transcend the traffic flow industry? Look around and they are everywhere. Highlighting the nutrients in the food that we eat, used as a sliding scale to determine how hot that Nando’s chicken we’re about to shove down our gullet is. A play on the Nandometer was even deemed the ideal way … Continue reading Traffic Light Travel

Interrail Tip #4

I’ve used this platform to speak out about issues before. I feel it is best to be open. Bottling things up never helps anyone, especially when it comes to sensitive subjects. My friends and family read this blog and some of the things they read probably come as a surprise to them. But what do … Continue reading Interrail Tip #4